Has there ever been federal intervention in Brazil?

The State of Rio de Janeiro has undergone federal intervention in the area of ​​public security. It came into force after a presidential decree in February 2018 valid until December 31 of the same year. But do you know if there has already been a federal intervention in Brazil ? Find out the following.

In fact, RJ inaugurated an unprecedented situation in our country , since since the promulgation of the Brazilian Constitution in 1988, this had never occurred. Brazil has already faced military intervention, which is totally different from the federal one.

This happened between the years of 1964 to 1985, when the military deposed the president João Goulart, that had taken on soon after the resignation of Jânio Quadros.

These years of military intervention became known as the military dictatorship. And there was a complete extinction of the rights and the dismissal of the powers previously constituted.

Federal intervention is unusual. It needed to be approved by the Chamber and Senate on an emergency basis.

From this, the public security of the State of Rio de Janeiro passed to the command of the general Walter Braga Netto, that happened to  respond directly to the president of the republic .

With this, the head of the Civil and Military police, Fire Brigade and the intelligence area of ​​RJ no longer respond to the state government.

The decision to intervene at the federal level in Rio de Janeiro started after urban violence had reached exorbitant levels, with deaths of civilians and children, victims of the government’s lack of control of organized crime.

Lawyer explains federal intervention in Brazil to the Practical Study

In an exclusive interview with the Practical Study , lawyer Risonaldo Costa explains that “federal intervention in the State of Rio de Janeiro was an exceptional measure, in which the decree of the federal government, returns the capacity of ensuring public order in the face of the situation of disorder and of calamity in security, retaking the power that organized crime and marginality exercises as a state force. Such intervention is necessary since the Government of that State has not complied with its obligation to guarantee public safety to the population. “

Still, federal intervention in RJ caused controversy as opponents accused the measure as a purely political maneuver by the Temer government to disguise Congress’s lack of support for pension reform and as a desperate attempt to gain popularity in the election year.

Attempt to regain control of security in Rio de Janeiro is old

But the attempt to combat the violence in Rio is long overdue. Costa recalls that the State of Rio de Janeiro was already under the effect of a Law and Order Guarantee (GLO) decree since July of last year . Therefore, Governor Pezão said that initially he asked for the extension of GLO, different from the measure adopted by the federal government. However, at the emergency meeting, the government determined that intervention would be necessary. In the view of political scientists, the gesture of Temer was faced with the inability of Pezão to solve the problem “.

According to the lawyer Risonaldo, the chaotic situation in Rio de Janeiro is the result of years of corruption of the agents . “In fact, the imbroglio goes back to the management of Sérgio Cabral (MDB), whose deputy was the current governor, who operated a real dismantling of the public machine of Rio de Janeiro. It is true that important party allies in Rio, such as former mayor Eduardo Cunha (MDB) and former Legislative Assembly president (Alerj) Leonardo Picciani (MDB), are behind bars because it was a always acted in favor of organized crime and consequently led the State of Rio de Janeiro to have the chaos in public safety, being the worst among all. “

Specialist sees no risk to democracy with federal intervention in Rio de Janeiro

For opposition politicians, this intervention was radical and jeopardizes freedom in Rio de Janeiro. Idea is shunted by Costa to the Practical Study : “This intervention is foreseen in the Federal Constitution, therefore it is constitutional”.

The lawyer also comments: “There will be no danger of contamination of Democracy and the Rule of Law in which we live, because this decision is isolated in a State of the Union, because we have the federative pact, where all Brazilian states are governed by the principles established in the Federal Constitution of 1988 “.

The law expert also explains that federal intervention in Rio de Janeiro does not encompass the entire state government, since it “will continue to be represented democratically and the intervener will only act on the issue of Public Security in a generalized manner, uniting the Armed Forces ( Army, Navy and Air Force), the Civil, Military and Federal Police “.

According to the lawyer Risonaldo Costa, the intention is to retake “the rule of law for the citizen , who suffers with the dismantling of public insecurity and with the invasion of marginality in all segments of society.”

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