Muslim Brotherhood: What it is, how it originated and what it proposes

When we watch the news of the Eastern groups in Syria, Iran, Iraq, Nigeria or in European countries, we are all on the same side of the scale. After all, there are many atrocities committed by them, some more and less radical.

In fact, to understand how each distinguishes itself, the regions that dominate or their interests is very complex. Now, you will know more about the Muslim Brotherhood. and what your focus is on these terrible conflicts.

What is the Muslim Brotherhood?

The Muslim Brotherhood is a political group . What sets it apart from others like Fatah, for example, is that it is also a religious group that seeks protagonism in several countries in the Middle East, Africa and also other territories of Asia.

What does the Muslim Brotherhood believe in?

This radical political group preaches that Islam should serve not only to dictate the religious population, but also to be the primer for all of society, whether Muslim or not. In addition, the Muslim Brotherhood wants the state to adopt the precepts of Islam to lead the countries.

For this, the code used would be Sharia, which is a document that spells out the laws of Islam . According to the EBC, this religious characteristic is what most disturbs the Brotherhood and makes it subject to constant criticism, because while a large part of the parties go in the opposite direction to the religions, the Muslim Brotherhood does not give up its own.

How was the Muslim Brotherhood born?

Who founded the Muslim Brotherhood was a teacher named Hassa al-Banna. The year was 1928 and the country, Egypt. The initial idea was to free the country from control of the United Kingdom, which at that time colonized the region. But that alone was not enough, they also wanted to ward off all kinds of Western influence in the East .

The slogan in the group is that “Islam is the solution.” The most radical arm was inspired by an Islamic sect called Wahabita in Saudi Arabia. His biggest inspirations were two well-known rebel groups, the Al-Qaeda and Taliban terrorist network, with operations in countries like Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Despite the group’s involvement in some attacks over the past decades, the organization has not been directly involved in terrorist attacks for more than 20 years . Claiming to be democratic.

Who supports the Muslim Brotherhood?

Because of its ancient existence, the Muslim Brotherhood ended up conquering numerous supporters. This is more so with the middle class who really see it as a political party and believe it to be the best solution to local problems.

What is the role of the Muslim Brotherhood?

During the Arab Spring, a movement that took to the streets thousands of people calling for an end to dictatorial regimes in their respective countries, the Muslim Brotherhood was responsible for the uprising that overthrew the dictator Hosni Mubarak in February 2011, who ruled Egypt for many decades.

For the first time, she ran for free elections and elected President Mohamed Mursi. Despite this, the group could not keep in power, because a coup in the year 2013, deposed the then president. Who took over in his place was the defense minister named Abdul Fatah Khalil Al-Sisi.

Currently, the leader of the Islamic Brotherhood has been arrested by the current regime and has been tried and convicted three times: to death, to life imprisonment and to 20 years in prison.

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