Origin and significance of Affordable Theater Day

It was sanctioned  by the president of the republic on September 9 (Saturday) of 2017, an ordinary law instituting that every day September 19 became the national date of the Day of Accessible Theater . The idea of ​​creating the commemorative date came in a campaign that began in 2011.

The goal of the creators of the campaign was to create a date to help spread the culture through the performing arts, using physical and communicative accessibility practices in order not to exclude the poor portion of the population.

Accessible Theater Day Origin

The ” Accessible Theater: Art, Pleasure and Rights” campaign was conceived by the non-governmental organization (NGO)  Escola de Gente , which since 2002 has been transforming public policies into inclusive policies so that people with or without some kind of disability can exercise their rights. human rights since childhood.

The objective of the campaign is to guarantee the autonomy and participation of people with any type of disability, reduced mobility, low literacy (not to be confused with illiteracy) and other conditions that will socially exclude cultural life, a certain individual.

To combat this evil, Accessible Theater travels throughout Brazil and takes culture for children, adolescents and young people, through free plays that are made in a way that is accessible to its audience.

The cause won the sympathy of several personalities, like the actors Diogo Vilela, Bel Kutner and Tiago Abravanel; who recorded a video, which features various features like captions, description and pounds on the campaign.

School of People

Having started its activities in 2002, under the motto “All rights for all children” , Escola de Gente was created by journalist Claudia Werneck, mother of the actress, presenter and comedian Tatá Werneck.

Since its inception, the NGO has been working in two strategic areas: communication for inclusion and communication for the right to inclusion.

In addition to the free shows, Escola de Gente also acts in media qualification and opinion formers through Legal Media Manuals , which are distributed free of charge; in addition to offering courses for companies, institutions and youth training so that the concept and practice of inclusion are multiplied.

National Accessible Theater Day

The bill to transform September 19, on Accessible Theater Day, was proposed by Jean Wyllys (PSOL-RJ), Mara Gabrilli (PSDB-SP), Rosinha da Adefal (PTdoB-AL) and Jandira Feghali (PCdoB-RJ).

The creation of the date aims to reinforce the dissemination of the cause, since social and cultural inclusion is not yet seen as something so important.

Proceeding between legislative houses (Federal Senate and House of Representatives) since 2011, the bill has been transformed into an ordinary law and put into effect on September 9, 2017; 10 days before the date in question.

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