What is and what is the role of the National Justice Council (CNJ)

Being in doubt about the troubles of a profession, position or body is more common than you think, especially when it is related to the Executive, Legislative and Judicial powers. This is the case with the National Justice Council (CNJ) .

According to the Federal Constitution, one of the main functions of the CNJ is to ensure the autonomy of the Judiciary  and compliance with the Statute of the Judiciary.

The National Council of Justice was created on December 31, 2004. However, it was only installed on June 14, 2005. The headquarters is located in Brasilia, but the agency has extensive operations throughout the country.

Attributions of the National Council of Justice

Officially, the CNJ is a public institution that aims to improve the work of the Brazilian judicial system, especially regarding control and administrative and procedural transparency. Recalling that all the attributions of the organ are defined in the Federal Constitution, more specifically in ยง 5 of art. 103-B, and regulated in article 31 of the Internal Rules of the CNJ.

Thus, the body is able to define plans, goals and programs for the institutional evaluation of the Judiciary , to receive complaints, electronic petitions and representations against members or organs of the Judiciary, to judge disciplinary proceedings and to improve practices and speed, publishing semiannual reports on the activity throughout the country.

Other functions related to the CNJ’s activities are the development and coordination of several national programs that prioritize areas such as Environment, Human Rights, Technology and Institutional Management. Among them are the programs: Lei Maria da Penha, Beginning of New, Conciliar is Legal, Goals of the Judiciary, Father Present and Adoption of Children and Adolescents.

Any citizen may call upon the Council to make complaints against members or organs of the Judiciary, including against its auxiliary services, services and notarial services and registration agencies acting by delegation of the public or official power. No lawyer is required to petition the CNJ. However, it is important to make it clear that the body has no jurisdictional jurisdiction.

Composition of CNJ

The CNJ is made up of 15 councilors , nine of whom are magistrates, two members of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, two lawyers and two citizens of outstanding juridical knowledge and unblemished reputation. Unlike other organs linked to the Judiciary Branch, in which its members have a lifelong role, the members of the CNJ have a two-year term . They can be reinstated to the position only once.

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