What it is, how it came about and what it proposes to Fatah

Fatah is a political party that was born in Palestine in the late twentieth century, whose main purpose was to resist Israeli occupation. To keep this purpose firm, he came to have an armed wing whose various perpetrations of attacks were recognized.

However, the group has put aside this radicalism and remains firmly focused on the interests of Palestine by another bias: that of political negotiation.

The name of the organization means victory . She has tried at all costs to expel the Jews and destroy Israel, but currently seeks the creation of a Palestinian state that is neighbor to Israel. There is no religious motivation in Fatah, but simply politics.

Some say that the Fatah group’s most peaceful stance came soon after Hamas emerged.

What Fatah Defends

According to one of its leaders Yasser Arafat, in an article published by the blog ‘Topics Middle East’, the party is neither right nor left.

He explains: “we want nothing to do to disturb Jews in Arab countries, even those who are settled in Palestine. We do not want to expel the Jews, but to establish a democratic socialist Palestinian state in which Christians, Muslims and Jews can live in harmony. “

Negotiations between Palestinians and Israelis

Here are the main points of negotiation between Palestinians and Israelis:

– Palestinian Territory: Palestinians want an independent and autonomous state in the West Bank, whose capital should be East Jerusalem. Israel already wants the Palestinian state to be a demilitarized zone.

– UN: The United Nations recognizes Palestine as an ‘Observer State’ within the UN. This gives you country status, at least internally.

– Capital : another negotiation between these peoples is in relation to the capital Jerusalem. Israel took the city after 1967 (Six Day War), but the Palestinians want at least a part back, which lies to the east, as it is an area considered sacred to Islam.

– Conflicts:  Israelis fear that Palestine will be governed by radicals who use violent means against Jews. Palestinians want an armed force like any other nation.

– Occupations:  Palestinians want back the territories occupied by Israel since 1967. Israel does not want to return any strip of land unless Jews can gain more space for settlements.

– Gaza Strip : This stretch of land is in the Palestinian part. It is 12km wide, reaching 6 in certain stretches of its 41km long. This strip was once occupied by Israel, but was taken over by Palestine by the radical Hamas group.

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